Valentines …… just thought we’d start with that as reminder to all, especially our male readers.

And thanks for the feedback we’ve been getting on our website and previous blogs … glad your reading them.

Activity this month has been heavy … lots of corporate client work, school runs and airports. Most popular airports have been Manchester and Leeds/Bradford.

Our coaches and mini coaches have done some mileage this period ….. our monthly check of vehicle showed this as the highest mileage month for the 33 seater coach. We are again expanding our vehicle fleet – looking for 1 further coach and 2/3 mini buses.

As always as the fleet expands we need more drivers too. The response we received to the recent Ads was great – we found exactly the people we needed.

This is a further invite for drivers for Mini buses and coaches – mainly looking for occasional drivers. Drivers need to be available for work at different times of the day and eve.

We’d also like t hear from anyone selling mini buses and coaches