Now well into 2017 …… new year talk is over and everyone seams to be planning for Easter and Summer.
Advance bookings for Airports are up approx 20% on last year. Lots of people seam to be getting away for short breaks at Easter.
Typical 2 weeks break bookings over summer – so far most popular is Manchester Airport for holiday bookings.
Surprisingly, we even have a booking for Flamingo Land at end of May – these normally come in at much shorter notice.
We have done a number of Hajj / Ummrah trips in recent weeks – Our 39 and 49 seat coaches are proving popular here.  Especially, the huge amount of storage space these have. Contract work is increasing too – with a couple of new wins from re-tenders.
January saw the check and service of our Disabled access equipment on all vehicle – some improvements and routine fixes have been made.  All helps increase safety of both our colleagues and customers.
That’s it for February….. roll on Easter.